Hi, my name is Brandon,

I am a final-year mechatronics and manufacturing engineering student, majoring in robotics. I have strong technical and interpersonal experience and am constantly looking to find ways to push the scope of robotic engineering further.

My personal goal is to streamline robotics and seamlessly integrate them into our everyday world. Whether in manufacturing processes or personalised applications, I am committed to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance efficiency, convenience, and innovation in our daily lives.

When I'm not working on engineering projects, I enjoy spending my free time pursuing a few of my other hobbies. You can usually

ind me designing and building rockets, taking photos, or working on my YouTube channel under my pseudonym "bobowk".

Please don't hesitate to download my resume.

If you want to get in touch with me, please don't hesitate to do so. I try my best to reply within a couple of business days, but sometimes it might take me a bit longer depending on my workload.

I'm also available on other social platforms: