I feel grateful to have had the chance to create some amazing projects, and I'm looking forward to building even more. Here's some projects I've had the opportunity to work on:

  • Continuum robot designed for search and rescue

    My final capstone project for Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering. Currently a work in progress, the scope of the project is to design a continuum robot that is capable of use in search and rescue situations.

  • Prosthetic Hand Prototype

    3D Printed Prosthetic hand proof of concept. Design is currently by Ryan Gross. This project was treated as a proof-of-concept before exploring possible designs produced by me.

  • Connect City Church

    Connect City Church is a multinational pentecostal church. I was involved in planning, designing and developing the website.

  • Worship.NET

    Worship.NET is a discontinued church presentation software. It has the ability to display lyrics, bible verses and videos on dual monitor systems. It was written in C# and was the product of pure boredom from the 2020 COVID Pandemic.

  • Alpha Rocket

    Above is the launch video of a little C-grade solid fuel rocket project I worked on. I used CAD to calculate the COM and aerodynamic centre to ensure a stable flight. It reached an estimated apogee of 455m before deploying its parachute.